Randolph Flood Plain Project Update

“What was that white van with 6 men doing driving around Randolph today and looking at streets, roads, and bridges?”
On Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 2019 a design kick-off meeting and a general site review visit was conducted in Randolph with the Corp of Engineers-USACE Omaha. Ron Beyer, Project Manager along with staff of engineers – Lyle Peterson, Structural Engineer, Damon Birkby, Civil Engineer, Christian Davenport, Civil Engineer, Dan Jones, Hydraulic Engineer, Dennis Gaare, Geotechnical Engineer met with City Staff members – City Administrator, Kelsey Backer, Director of Economic Development, Janelle Biernbaum, Aaron Nielsen, Utility Supt. and Mayor George Bradley.

Discussions on Phase One and Phase Two of the project were discussed at length along with a review of site project maps which had been completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The design and engineering work for Phase One of the project is targeting Summer of 2020 for completion. Once that phase has been completed by this group of engineers and approved, the Phase One of the project will be put out to bid. The first phase of the project is the Down-Stream portion of the project which includes Sholes Road, Bridge Street along with bridge relocations in that general area. Phase Two of the project will be the Up-Stream portion of the project which will follow at a later date.

As the project progresses The City of Randolph along with the Corp of Engineers will host public meetings for the citizens to keep them informed. Once future dates and times are determined for these meetings, they will be published in advance to our community.

City Administrator Kelsey Backer stated, “We were pleased to meet and work with our project Manager Ron Beyer along with his staff of engineers today. It gave us the opportunity to put faces to these individuals who are working on the project and whom we have been conducting conference calls with over the past several months. We were able to complete a comprehensive review of the site plan mapping and hold informative discussions of the different types of engineering that they will be working on over the next several months for the first phase of our flood plain project.”