Mowing of Vegetation

It shall be the duty of every owner of real estate within the City of Randolph to cut and clear such real estate, together with one-half (1/2) of the streets and alleys abutting thereon, of all weeds, grasses, and worthless vegetation. Such weeds, grasses and worthless vegetation shall be cut so as not to extend more than twelve (12) inches above the ground. 

Upon the failure of the owner, lessee, or occupant having control of any such real estate to cut and clear said weeds, grasses and worthless vegetation as set forth hereinbefore, the Municipal Police shall serve notice on said owner, lessee, or occupant to do so. In the event that the weeds, grasses and worthless vegetation have not been removed after a period of five (5) days, the Governing Body may order the same to be done under the direction of the Street Commissioner and the cost thereof shall be chargeable to the property owner.

If the owner fails to reimburse the City after being properly billed, the cost may be assessed against the real estate.