County agrees to aid Randolph with floodplain project

HARTINGTON — Cedar County Commissioners agreed Dec. 12 to provide funds for a bridge involved in the Randolph Floodplain project and opened bids on a box culvert for a road northeast of Belden.
Two bids had been submitted for a box culvert that will be constructed in a road northeast of Belden on 870 Road/568 Avenue.
M.E. Collins Contracting, Wahoo; $151,431
A & R Construction, Plainview; $141,446
The start date for the project, which is located in Commissioner Craig Bartels district, is July 9, 2018.
“The bridge was removed several years ago and two culverts were put in. The culverts will now be replaced by the box culvert due to the water capacity,” Bartels said.
Board members will review the bids and make a decision at a later date.
Kelsey Backer, Randolph City Administrator, City Clerk/Treasurer spoke to Commissioners about the project that is underway to remove the City of Randolph from the floodplain or reduce that area that is in the floodplain.
The project involves widening the Middle Logan Creek channel and replacing or modifying bridges to reduce the risk of property damage and loss of life from floods in Randolph.
“A special election had been held for Randolph voters and the results were in favor of doing the project,” Backer said. “City Council members are in the process of finalizing the plan.”
Channel improvements cannot be done without bridge improvements being made, according to Backer.
Backer talked to board members about a bridge on the county road west of Randolph that is on the Pierce/Cedar County line.
Cedar County Commissioners and the Pierce County board members had previously been asked if they would be willing to contribute funds for the replacement of the bridge.
Commissioner Craig Bartels was ready to make a commitment.
“Let’s not wait and draw this out. We need to make a decision,” he said. “We don’t need to wait and see what Pierce County does.”
Bartels made the motion for Cedar County to put $120,000 towards the project.
Commissioner Dave McGregor agreed.
“If the bridge needed to be replaced we would be responsible for the cost,” he said.
Board members voted to approve the motion.
Board members discussed the need to fill an opening on the Cedar County Lodging Board.
The Cedar County Convention and Tourism Board disburses funds received through the county’s lodging tax.
Board members evaluate applications asking for grant funds which are received in the spring and fall each year. Grant funds are used for advertising/promoting an event or for a brick/mortar project.
Current members include Gary Howey, Hartington; Leon Pedersen, Crofton; Dave Chang, Hartington; Luke Virgil, Laurel; and Julia Kleinschmit, Bow Valley.
Cedar County Zoning Administrator Dave Sudbeck met with board members during the Dec. 12 meeting.
Board members reviewed and placed their approval on four conditional use permits. Two of the conditional use permits, which are for EDF Renewable Energy, San Diego, involve the installation of towers that will be used to measure wind.
A 200-foot tower will be located approximately six miles north of Randolph at 872 Road/559 Ave. A 270-foot tower will be put up northeast of Magnet near 873 Road/552 Ave. The location is one mile north of Hwy. 59 on the Knox/Cedar County line.
“The towers will be there to measure the wind for three to five years,” Sudbeck said.

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