May 24th, 2017

Antelope County Historical Museum, Ashfall State Historical Park, Cedar County Historical Museum, Creighton Historical Center, Dixon County Museum, Graves Library Museum &Depot Railroad Museum, Mars Ghost Town Tours, Pierce Historical Society Museum, Plainview’s 1880 Railroad Depot Museum, Plainview Klown Doll Museum, and Verdigre Heritage Museum.
When you visit each museum, the museum staff will place a sticker over their listing. If you visit all 11 of the museums, you will be entered in a drawing for a cash prize of $300. If you visit 9 or more museums, you will be entered in a drawing for a cash prize of $150. If you visit 5 or more museums you will be entered in a drawing for a cash prize of $75.
Completed passports must be sent to the RC&D Office at 702 E. Park Ave., Plainview, NE 68769 postmarked by September 15, 2016. The drawing will be held on Sep..

An Invitation from your Randolph Area Community Foundation

What can a man from Shickley, Nebraska possibly tell us about raising millions for our community?

A lot.

Richard Walter has presented Shickley, Nebraska’s recipe for success in Community Foundation fund raising to scores of now-successful Nebraska communities that are now reaping the rewards of gift-giving Nebraskans and beyond their zip code.

Shickley, on the surface, is a little town of 329 residents just 14 miles from Geneva. Yet it has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to build its own community center, contribute to the fire department, even donate $10,000 to the nearby new Geneva hospital and more.

How does one little town do this?

The answer awaits you Tuesday evening,
May 23rd, at 6 p.m. in the
Randolph Lied Library Conference Center

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May 03rd, 2017

The prairie chickens were in fine form for the Prairie Chickens & Prairie Stream Tour on Friday, April 14th. Forty people traveled to the site before sunrise so that they were settled into the blinds before the birds began the annual mating ritual.
The lek, a small area where the males gather to “strut their stuff” for the females, is typically located on land that is covered with short grasses and is slightly raised so that the birds have a good view of the surrounding landscape. The Greater Prairie Chicken returns to these same sites every mating season and most of the females nest within two miles of the breeding grounds.
There were about twenty prairie chickens out and about that morning. The male prairie chickens puffed out their orange air sacs, raised the feathers on their heads, stomped their feet as fast as they could, and made a continuous booming cry to attract the attention of the females who were certainly playing hard-to-get. It was a ..