1879   August F. Huwaldt located on a homestead southwest of town


1880   Frank Whitney emigrated from Wisconsin and staked out 320 acres. First man to make his home in the Randolph township


1882   Wisconsin native W.M. Totten bought 160 acres three miles northeast of Randolph


1883   Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha Railroad extended its road from Wakefield up the North Logan Creek to Coleridge


1886   A.L. Morse and Ida Bell Morse deeded the land Randolph sits on to the Northern Nebraska Land and Improvement Company on May 21

Northwestern Nebraska Railroad Co. put down a line from Wayne to Niobrara in June

Frank H. Peavey and E.W. Backman, of St. Paul, Minnesota came to Wayne and went over the line to lay town sites at this location in June

Frank H. Peavey and E.W. Backman, of St. Paul, Minnesota came to Wayne and went over the line to lay town sites at this location in June

Mr. Peavey named “Randolph” in honor of Lord Randolph Churchill of England in June

Mr. Andrew from Ponca established a blacksmith shop in the summer

Mr. Atkins built the first house in the summer

Nebraska Land and Improvement Company filed a plat and dedication that officially established the name “Randolph” on October 6

Auction of lots in the new town of Randolph on October 7

Paul Buol began building a hardware store on October 7

Building of the first hotel known as the “Atkins Hotel” in the fall

G.N. Le Valley, Pioneer Lumber Yard, and Edward and Bradford Lumber Co. established in the fall


1887   Boughn Hotel built 

C.S. Whitman located the Randolph State Bank in a corner of the Boughn Hotel lobby

J.L. Stewart opened the first drug store

H.S. Fisher the first lawyer can to town followed by Dr. Sharpe a medical doctor and Dr. Webb a dentist


1888   J.L. Stewart put in a line of furniture in his drug store and was engaged in the undertaking business


1889   Second bank was founded by C.H. Randall, W.P. Hill, A.F. Huwaldt, and Paul Buol known as Security National Bank

Officially recognized as a village on May 7

First meeting of the village Board of Trustees held on May 13

First election held to pass bond issue in July

Mr. Mallory established brickyard

Boughn’s Big Store established


1890   Railroad became more important in development of town

Randolph Mill built

Lorge store established

Hill’s Pharmacy established


1891   Kerosene street lamps installed


1894   Overhead bridge built on Jackson Street


1894   First phone strung between Hill’s Pharmacy and the Short Line Depot


1901   Volunteer fire department organized


1903   Rural mail routes established in the summer

Randolph reorganized as a second-class city in July with a population of 1165


1904   S.W. Mosher elected Mayor in the Spring

Randolph Fair Association formed


1905   Soldiers Monument at Randolph Cemetery dedicated by the G.A.R. in October

Streetlights installed


1906   Light plant installed


1908   John Boughn installed moving picture machine in the opera house


1910   Randolph merchants bought 100,000 eggs in one week in April

Tilton Weber killed in April in one of the first car wrecks in the area

Catholic School dedicated in July


1913   C.O.D. feature and insurance added to mail service

Businessmen organized a “Good Roads Association”

Farm Bureaus in each county of Nebraska with a county agent were established

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and Ross Crane, the cartoonist came to Randolph

Randolph Methodist Church dedicated in March


1914   Tennis court built east of the Omaha depot


1916   Helen Keller came to Randolph

War comes to our shores

St. Frances Parish plans new church

Methodist Church destroyed by lightning on September 13


1917   Five railcars full of autos delivered and sold in the community in three months

School board sees need to enlarge school

Methodist Church rededicated on July 19

Dee Wilson was first from Randolph to die of wounds in the war on August 12

Third bank added to the community


1918   Spanish Flu Epidemic broke out

First mass held at the new St. Frances Church on June 6

Library opened on November 21

First auto stolen


1919   American Legion formed in Randolph

Women given the right to vote


1920   Bricks layed on business streets of town

First x-ray machine installed by Dr. G.E. Peters

Census shows population of 1493


1922   Radios installed in the community


1923   Boughn Opera House closed


1924   First golf course opened on Dr. Cook’s land


1925   Swimming pool builtTractor school held to teach area men about this new machine


1926   Smallpox outbreak

Beginning of Randolph rise to the title, “Honey Capital of the Nation”


1929   Flu and diphtheria outbreak


1931   Night watchman appointed


1938   Work began on the Randolph Community Auditorium


1940   Hard-Time skating party held on February 29 at the West Randolph Ballroom

Randolph Community Club formed on November 19


1941   First air conditioning unit installed at the Cottage Beauty Shop

Tenth year of the Junior Fair in August

Auditorium formally dedicated on November 7

Bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7


1942   Building of St. John’s Lutheran Church began


1943   McLean’s Cash Store closed


1945   War in Europe ended on May 8

Japan surrendered on August 14


1950   Korean Conflict began


1951   First television installed on February 1


1953   Largest fire in town’s history swept through three buildings on May 3

Natural gas service arrived on October 6


1962   New Randolph Post Office dedicated in June


1966   Randolph and Belden school districts consolidate in March


1968   Colonial Manor held open house in March

Final service held at the Presbyterian Church on March 28


1970   St. Frances Catholic School closed in the spring


1971   Phone system switched over to dial in October

Swimming pool built


1974   Sunday mail delivery terminated


1975   Completion of Fire Station


1977   Numbers assigned to homes and businesses


1979   Randolph Haven Apartments held open house

Patent Electric built new store


1980   Second ballfield established at the City park


1982   Double tennis court constructed


1984   First computer installed in the City

Randolph Senior Citizens Center organized in the spring

Randolph Senior Citizens Center held ribbon cutting in September


1987   New fencing and lighting completed at the baseball field


1993   Randolph Community Golf Course opened


1994   Clubhouse added to the Community Golf Course


2000   Colonial Estates Assisted Living facility completed


2007   New Lied Randolph Public Library opened